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  1. Hey Uros014. Unfortunately its hard to say whats the reason behind this, if casino did not include any explanation in email. Please note, that there are other casinos than slotty vegas aswell on roshteins store
  2. I remember that stream aswell, If I remember right it was like 3 years ago. Im sure there are people who have clipped it, but the problem is finding those people.
  3. Too bad I never clip the big wins, there are so many clipping those. I usually clip the funniest moments.
  4. Haha, great post. Thanks for being part of the TROOPS!
  5. Haha, welcome to the forums "brianette"
  6. These situations are always unfortunate, because there are good bunch of people who actually believe false accusations, that are not backed with enough or with accurate information. People who create posts like this are pretty much always using roshteins name to get traffic on their website, in order to promote their own casino deals. Never believe shady sites that are written anonymously. In hes part 2 post he is "proving" that roshtein using bots, because he got 28k followers on august 18th. Obviously he didnt do enough research as he didnt know that this was they day, when roshtein got accidently banned by twitch. This has happend in the past aswell and whenever it happens, streamer will lose big bunch of followers. A big majority of the 28k "followers" that day, were just refollows. I suggest people to stay away from websites like this. There is so much that common player doesnt know about internet casinos, for example the technical side of casinos. So no matter what "proof" people post, its never actually a proof. Its also very common people to inspect these situations from one and narrow point of view, that doesnt take everything in account/consideration.
  7. I never liked age of empires 2 that much, but I played age of empires 1 a lot back in the days. Good old times. Im more hyped with warcraft 3 reforged
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