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  1. Hit the 1000x Coin with a 4x Jar
  2. BASEGAME no Bonus. OMFG never thought this gonna happen to me... 5000x Win on 1 EUR Bet. https://replay.pragmaticplay.net/OIGHUM0gVh
  3. Holy i saw the 46kx below.. this looks so cute in comparison.
  4. Ramses Book with 3 or 4 REEs (i think was 40-50 Spins)
  5. I played this Slot now for 300 EUR on 0,80 EUR Bet... maybe 400 Spins... and wow .. it do not feel like a Rosh-Slot. To many Stuff Rosh always tell he do not like. - it pays bad (full screen explode and it pays maybe 1-2x bet - really hard to get 4 Scatter.. after 300 EUR.. i get one Bonus and this Bonus pay 16x (all under 50x is not like a "Rosh-Slot"... my feeling) - It crash often, feels like a Beta Slot The View looks nice i like that. Also the 3 Mystery Features are nice (the Multiplier Feature, sure very rare but nice). I would argue when rosh play a slot like this without his participation.. he would leave it after 5 Minutes with a YUCK , hahaha :-) In my opinion not worthy for the rosh community. But anyway all about gambling.. its a Slot... and Slots do what they do.. it is like it is. :)
  6. Bet 1 EUR, 3 Rows open. Get Full Screen of 3rd best Symbol (selected 6 Spins, all Rows open).
  7. All Symbols.. but no Premium Full Screen :(
  8. Nice gz , i win nothing on this slot .. :(
  9. Get 2 Sherrif-Stars in the Normal Bonus and it goes on with the Shoot Out.
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