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  1. Just keep on going! Its ur money and it will come to u at the end. Ofc they will need to cut it cause its a lot of money! So happy for you, hope u will get the money soon and keep asking support and send withdraws. When people win that big they will allways check everything before they accept ur withdraws so keep going! :D
  2. heloee

    Epic fail

    Feels bad man... How much would it have been?
  3. Annihilator - Play n Go (Main Bonus)
  4. heloee

    Song Contest

    After all the stuff with the copyright music on Twitch, I think its about time we have a song contest in this community. Who can make the best song of Roshtein and his stream?? We need more contests to involve the community even more :D Think this can be a great idea and the stream got many huge talents so lets make this possible, and let the community vote for the best one<3 This and a design contest should able to to with little work from our dear moderators :D
  5. Hey! Should we not have a competition to make designs for Roshtein so he can keep evolving his stream? I know some mods doing a great job, but with over 300k followers it would be so cool to see what the community can produce. Maybe the winner can get a VIP or cash idk what people prefer. Think this will benefit all of us and hope u guys can comment what u think! Mods pls talk with Rosh about this and see what he thinks. GG guys
  6. heloee

    New Bonushunt

    Hey! Got a new and interesting type of bonushunt we should do. We should do a hunt with only one provider. And do that over and over and then compare them to eachother. Its cool an new, and we can then see what provider gives the best average wins. I know we have a list of that when we do a big hunt. But this will be fun for everyone and we can then play slots we dont playas much. Hope u read this Rosh.
  7. Wow thats my dream :O how many retriggers?
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