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  1. I used Rosh's link to sign up wit stake using a VPN. I did not deposit until 2 weeks later. I did not get the bonus. I contacted stake support and they said I was not affiliated. I used his link and use the ROSH code in the referral field. I chatted with support and the were unhelpful. chat transcript below. Anyway can you recommend a vpn friendly casino that I can play and pretend I am like ROSH?? Ana Active Ana Active Hey I signed up under Roshtiens code and I thought I would get a deposit bonus. I didnt see the bonus did I do it wrong? Stake support team typically replies in a few minutes. In the meantime, these articles might help: What is rakeback, how it works and how to get it? Stake promotions and bonuses Affiliate bonuses and how to get them. More in the Help Center Hi there, robug. Unfortunately, this account isn't affiliated with anyone. I used the code ROSH when I signed up I'm sorry, but there is no affiliate linked to this account. can you link it or tell me how to make an account that is linked to rosh? there should be because I used his link when I signed up/ I'm sorry, but you probably didn't finish the registration through his link. Creating multiple accounts for this purpose is not allowed according to our terms of service, so we can't advise you to do that. so how can we fix this. I used his link to sign up but I did not submit a deposit until today. There was the option to enter the code in the first 24 hours, but it's been more than that since you registered, so there is no way to enter it now, unfortunately. ok so I am not interesting in playing unless I am associated with the streamer that I follow. He has multiple casinos so I can just chose another. I did some tests deposits to test just let me know if we cant fix this. I'm sorry, but there is no option for us to add the referrer manually, the system locks this option after 24 hours. so I will spend what is in this account. Once this is done can you tell me how to setup an account associated with the streamer I follow? You can make a new account and enter his code but we can't guarantee you will be eligible for any promotions offered by this affiliation. so I should probably just go to another casino like gamdom, right? Because I didnt deposit within 24hrs I can not be associated with ROSH. right? you guys should fix this. I know he is driving traffic to you. No, you needed to enter his code in the first 24 hours in order to be affiliated with him. Making a deposit in the first 24 hours is not relevant. I used his link to create the account and I used his code ROSH in the signup screen. I'm sorry, this account is not affiliated with him so you probably didn't finish the registration all the way. at this point I dont care about the deposit bonus. I just dont want to play unless I am on his affiliate account. I obviously finished the registration as I am playing for real BTC... so what happened? I clicked his link and used his code and you let me deposit so whats the deal?? No, you didn't use his code, otherwise, you would be affiliated with him. Unfortunately, it is not possible to be affiliated with him at this stage. this is unfortunate. I guess I will burn what I have left and look for another casino to spend my cryptos.... Just now. Not se
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