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  1. Salute for FIN! It's me, Jari-Ville a.k.a Alakemisti (Alchemist in weird Finnish slang) shoutouting to all the BIG BOIS all around the world! I've been enjoying the streams from these three musketeers and pioneers who keeps breaking records over and over again! Thx to Rosh, Jay and Drew for all the content you are making to entertain people and pushing the energy even higher every day! I'm an entrepreneur who always wants to keep the dice rollin', as we could say. I'm into PC gaming, freestyle rapping (in finnish, sadge), skateboarding, cryptos and creativity. Currently games I'm playing are mostly LoL and Battlerite ^^ I'm also really interested in getting to know new people! You can never have enough internet friends! In case you want to occasionally talk random things / about the topics I listed or things you like, feel free to give me a holla! You can find more of me in Instagram: Jariville. We can send dank memes there! Stay awesome and much love, J-V
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