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  1. Did you get to the last Stage? I made it there, but couldnt connect (25x multi) and only had a 1500x win :/
  2. Wow, wtf? Getting both the 2500x and the 1000x coin in one go? That's insane! Congrats!
  3. Made a Bonus buy (i think it was 11 Spins and Level 3 start) on a €0,20 stake (=€30). Even got to the max Megaways Stage...however the last 2 Spins were Deadspins (as usual). Otherwise, this would have Just exploded with a 25x Multiplier...
  4. 15 Spins, huge Multiplier, full screen etc. €0,25 stake bonus buy (€17,50)
  5. isnt this supposed to be a forum section of your own wins? i dont think it's a stupid question...you dont need to get insulting here...even as a mod
  6. bro, it's a screen capture program...you can choose what to see from your screen... are you affiliated with BTG or why do you post videos from their channel?
  7. i know...but you still have left or right to choose...so which one?
  8. congrats! was it the angel or the hell dynamite bonus?
  9. Just had 3 wandering wild reels at once in the Harlequin bonus...and they were not the last ones... €0,6 stake (bought bonus for €42, i guess)
  10. Nice, but in this case (with 3 wild reels already) a Multiplier on top would be better. ;) You only landed a wild line once. 😛
  11. It was a normal gunslinger bonus...Landed a couple of wilds, so the Multiplier was at about 8...then the final spin came and all 3 wild reels landed (x2, x2, x3) connecting full lines of Whisky bottles and watches. Insane! Since it was a Bonus buy, the official win x is 72x though.
  12. Got Lots of seeweed (Alge!) a bonus and a 1000x coin on top...the Bonus only paid 18x. 😛
  13. @Storyx who won the pragmatic raffle/giveaway? havent found anything about it...should have ended on the 26th of may...
  14. this is happening pretty often...like 2-3 out of 10 bonusses, but 1/20 bonusses are usually incredible. my record is 4400x on a €0,5 bet...never got above 1000x since then though...
  15. I Triggered the Shootout Mode in the First Spin of my Bonus. I expected a way Higher win though... The wild reels were deleted. :/
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