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  1. You should be able to apply (just once, so make it count) via Twitch where the chat would be for non-banned people. Unban requests via the forum are not processed.
  2. Unban applications are processed via Twitch, not via the forum. You left an application and it was denied.
  3. If you're aiming to participate in the giveaway, better post your name in the dedicated thread:
  4. You know, "I served my time" is not exactly how things work. There should be an unban application where the chat normally would be, since based on your logs it doesn't look like you have written one yet. It better be a good one though, since your last message was so it's going to be quite hard to justify why you should be back when you "know" "from the start" he's "f4ke". Anyway, gl with the application. I'm locking this thread, because unban applications are handled through Twitch, not the forum.
  5. Are you sure you have the permission to use his content, especially considering you have affiliate links in your descriptions?
  6. Following since multilotto times and still not knowing the bot automatically bans you for using the "f-word"? That's not good, you clearly haven't followed the actions very closely during all these years. First mentioning "(banned automaticly by Alphabrian)" which was what happened here, and then "They just read fakemoney and ban" like you forgot between the sentences that it was an auto-ban from the bot and not from the so-called human mods? Not a good look either. The exact quote was "grizzly84: 20k are watching.... It is a Joy to see someone who is playing with fakemoney " which, if you look at it, isn't a very great one or gets lost in translation. If that was meant to be ironic, you need to work on your game a bit. We don't hang around here on the forum constantly, especially given that unban applications are meant to be left via Twitch, not the forum. And it's not like we go through them hourly, daily or in general on a set schedule in Twitch either, especially when Rosh has them on his agenda for several days in a row, meaning that some of them should be left for him to go through on stream too. You're now unbanned as your intents don't seem to be malicious, but you could have handled this a lot better.
  7. The very first google result after the site itself is https://thepogg.com/casino-review/gallo-casino/ so I wouldn't hold my breath while waiting to be paid. If you created your account through an affiliate, contact them, if not, I guess you're pretty much screwed. Rosh does not work with the site (for obvious reasons) so there's nothing he can do about it. Please do at least some background checks the next time you decide to use a new site. This site could have easily been avoided.
  8. This is the wrong section for this, I'll delete your personal info from the first post just in case.
  9. Yes, if you buy a bonus for 20 € you have bet 20 € on that spin and breached the max bet limit.
  10. You can find it in your redemptions list: https://streamelements.com/dashboard/account/redemptions
  11. nh6plusplus


    After looking at your logs, yeah, we will leave your ban right where it is at, as there is no need to remove it. Thanks for confirming.
  12. nh6plusplus


    200 IQ move to joke about being underaged in a 18+ channel btw, be smarter in the future.
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