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  1. This is the wrong section for this, I'll delete your personal info from the first post just in case.
  2. Yes, if you buy a bonus for 20 € you have bet 20 € on that spin and breached the max bet limit.
  3. You can find it in your redemptions list: https://streamelements.com/dashboard/account/redemptions
  4. nh6plusplus


    After looking at your logs, yeah, we will leave your ban right where it is at, as there is no need to remove it. Thanks for confirming.
  5. nh6plusplus


    200 IQ move to joke about being underaged in a 18+ channel btw, be smarter in the future.
  6. Don't know if this has already been answered, but you need to redeem a mug from the Free Merch tab, not from the Mugs tab. The code will only work on them.
  7. To put it short: yes, you are supposed to read the bonus terms and conditions as each site has their own limitations. Max bet, maybe some forbidden games etc. Breaking the t&c can lead to forfeiting your winnings, as sadly happened here too. And Rosh does try to stress to everyone that his t&c's as an affiliate and a vip player are better than what we mortals receive - a sort of "don't try this at home".
  8. there's a comment in your chat logs that says Domiii - I’m not banned, but I’d like to be. Please sac me daddy rosh. Also please stop playing quickspin, they’re awful so it seems like a fellow mod granted your wish. Are you having second thoughts? :)
  9. https://forum.roshtein.com/topic/2267-stream-music-playlists-community-playlists/
  10. People were able to leave their applications here on the forum the whole last week. That's where the three new people were picked from. The next round probably won't take place very soon unless something goes terribly wrong with the current squad.
  11. Based on your chat logs it didn't get read out loud, you were unbanned when a mod went through the file for the lesser interesting routine cases. The logs don't show the time.
  12. TL;DR: A chance to learn how the battle works so you don't embarrass yourself by asking the same dumb questions every week There's even a spreadsheet link in the end for some statistics for number crunchers. -- The Mod Battle, or NoShow Battle as it is called by many, is held every Monday unless Rosh is offline. This thread was created to help you understand how things work. Maybe this information will help you deliver mod roasts that can at least melt snow The system is subject to change as it can always be fine-tuned, but in the current system up to 12 mods can pick their slot. After all places have been taken, they are randomized into two teams of six members each, Team Red and Team Blue. New teams are formed every week. Before the battle starts, you can bet 5-10 points on the team you believe will win the battle. Don't mix this up with the Satchel battles, where you can vote before every new pair. Here you have to get your bets in before the first battle starts, because it's a team match. If you don't already know how the battle works, it's explained in the following spoiler. Even if you think you do, reading it won't hurt. Someone asks every week why we aren't just picking slots like Wild North or Golden Colts to get the easy constant bonuses for points. There's a vote system in place where we can vote to ban certain slots from being picked for the battle. I won't go into details this time, so here's the list of banned slots as of April 3rd, 2020: As for the slot picks, it's a fine line between wanting to get points and wanting to troll Rosh into playing something horrible. PapillonParty is very good at this. Most of the time it's intentional, so those who keep going the "omg do they even play slots when they make such horrible picks" route are missing both the target and the point. And how much of a NoShow battle it really is? We have compiled stats for the battles from 2020 to see who shows up and who doesn't. There have been eight battles this year, so the sample size isn't very big yet, but everyone can draw their own conclusions from the results. Some fun facts: On average there have been 0,82 bonuses per moderator in all the battles this year. @i_love_gin leads the pack with 11. The only mod to completely avoid a NoShow so far is sadmuppet, who is the newest addition to the team and got a bonus on his first try. @luke_x013 has participated 8 times and been a NoShow in five of them. Despite these stats, luke has a 50 % win percentage, while gin's is only 37,5 %, so even if you don't manage to get a bonus yourself, you can cheer your side to a great success. I have been on the winning side in 7 of this year's 8 battles for a percentage of 87,5 despite two NoShows and 9 bonuses in total. @Praatpaal89 has participated seven times and has been in Team Red every time. Those who are interested in the stats can view the battle standings sheet here. The filters don't unfortunately work in the published version, but if you want to sort out the stats per column, you can copy the data to a new sheet and toy around with it. The stats will be updated after each battle is fought. Any questions? Feel free to ask them below.
  13. If your twitch handle is the same as your username here, you have not been banned in the channel and your last timeout was roughly three weeks ago. There have been some reports lately of Twitch acting up with stuff like this. Try refreshing the page or a logout/login or a different browser. I tried to confirm it by unbanning you, but it said " spijkerhard is not currently banned from this channel."
  14. This has been a daily FAQ for some time now, so maybe having it written down somewhere will reduce the number of times it gets asked a bit. If you're not watching on the mobile app, you can simply click on your name in the chat to see the follow date. It doesn't work for mobile users, so they can either ask a friend (or someone else in the chat like the always helpful luke_x013) or go to https://twitch.center/follow. It only gives the month instead of the exact date, but if you're in a hurry, it's better than nothing.
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