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  1. Not sure where to begin. The forum is also English only, just like the chat. You claim to have been in the community for years, so it's very surprising to me that you haven't heard him say that the T-shirts, mugs and mousepads are restocked at the beginning of each month, because people ask about it several times a week and that's the answer they get, either in the chat or said out loud by Rosh. Aren't you listening? The postcards have now been unavailable for over a year because of the global pandemic that's going on, don't know if you have heard about that one. The covid thing? According to your logs you were banned for the very same stuff you did here, trying to bring the blame on to him while it's basically all about your own ignorance. That's not a good look, especially from someone who claims to be a loyal viewer. If you want to appeal the ban, you can send one (1) unban application via Twitch, so please make it count (and write it in English).
  2. It's StreamElements, not Streamlabs (they are two different companies), and it looks like their FAQ says I hadn't read that earlier either and assumed they'd ship all EU orders from Latvia, but it seems like that's not the case.
  3. It's done by our very own @Jaiel.
  4. It's custom built for him and not publicly available, sorry.
  5. You can find it by logging in at https://streamelements.com/dashboard/account/redemptions
  6. Like the item description in the point store says, you need to select the mug from the Free Merch tab for the code to work. They're the ones that cost $100 each, and using the code will give you a $100 discount.
  7. There's a whole subforum for each casino and their items right above this one. Please read the instructions a bit more carefully and create your threads in the correct section.
  8. nh6plusplus


    Unban applications are handled through Twitch, not via the forum or any other method. Mods go through the simple cases when they have the time, but the more difficult or interesting ones are left for Rosh to go through on stream. In your case you were banned by Rosh himself, so we're not willing to walk over his decisions just like that. This probably means your application will be handled at some point when they are on the agenda and he has the time.
  9. Rosh added the list of winners to the first post in the giveaway thread here You didn't win this time, it was someone else with the same name.
  10. You should be able to apply (just once, so make it count) via Twitch where the chat would be for non-banned people. Unban requests via the forum are not processed.
  11. Unban applications are processed via Twitch, not via the forum. You left an application and it was denied.
  12. If you're aiming to participate in the giveaway, better post your name in the dedicated thread:
  13. You know, "I served my time" is not exactly how things work. There should be an unban application where the chat normally would be, since based on your logs it doesn't look like you have written one yet. It better be a good one though, since your last message was so it's going to be quite hard to justify why you should be back when you "know" "from the start" he's "f4ke". Anyway, gl with the application. I'm locking this thread, because unban applications are handled through Twitch, not the forum.
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