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  1. Thanks for the fast reaction :)
  2. Hey Troops, I was banned the day before yesterday because of a joke that was misunderstood. Rosh had a nice party after a good cashout. He was playing the song "Dance Monkey". At some point she sings "... when you shine". In German it sounds like "... you Schwein" (Schwein is german for pig). I thought it was funny and wrote "you Schwein" in chat. Someone probably thought i was referring to Rosh. This was definitely not the case. I instantly noticed it was a bad idea and i am really sorry for this. I have been a good Brian for years and would love to continue doing so :) I instantly filled in the unban Form but dont know when this will be processed. To be honest, I find it a bit too hard to be permanently banned for something like that, after brave years of following and watching. Thank you! ( Twitch name: pena_trayshin__ )
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