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  1. got my win todayx :) thx @Storyx and @Roshtein
  2. Is there posibility that Roshtein Send the Money with Skrill maybe??
  3. Sorry For Asking again and iam Really sorry @Storyx that you always Anwser us and Call us about Delay :D But the 1-2 Weeks are 3 weeks right now :D so did anyone got Infos or a Tracking Number ? and sorry for the Report was a Failure :D
  4. The Feburary Giveaway sendet? or is he waiting for respond of the E-Mails?
  5. Still no Infos about The Giveaway from February @Storyx??
  6. Twitchname : Chappert1 Date & Time : 23.05.2020 10:32 Casino : Lapalingo
  7. Hello I Did not Receive my win Actually Its february 10k Giveaway TwitchName : Chappert1 Got the E-Mail : 4th March I Reply the E-Mail with my Postaddress Greetings Johnny
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