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  1. Hey storyx, thank you very much for your help man.. hope you guys can solve that problem. never seen such a scam thing in a online casino. for further information you can contact me anytime here or wisper me on Twitch
  2. Thanks for the respond. i did that. I haven’t done anything wrong. the best thing is still to come. It took them 2 weeks to give me a respond because of my problem. today I got the respond. i have still money left in my bonus balance because I have to wager all 3 deposit bonuses I have got. so I have to wager 500 x 60. there is no such rule in their terms and conditions. I read them about 10 times meanwhile I had to wait for them to respond. even the support guy tells me he never seen such a rule and he don’t know why They won’t give me the money. Especially because there are people who withdraw 50-100k €.. this isn’t a problem my last hope is that maybe rosh or some of the other moderators could help me. never had such a huge problem with a casino
  3. Hello, i tried the new casino rosh I promoting. Casino intense. Read the rules and conditions, startet playing with bonus. The first 2 bonus offers i lost quite fast. Third deposit 200+200. it is a non sticky bonus. I lost the „real“ money and startet wagering. after a few good wins I went up to about 3500€. problem was I couldn’t see the wager bar. When I asked the support. The told me everything is fine. When I am done with the wager (60x bonus) the money will be in the cash balance. i played further. I finished the 12k wager but the money wasn’t in my cash balance. i asked support again. Then they told me there is a technical issue with my account. Suddenly a wager bar appears at my account. I had 3.4 k in my balance and had to wager 24k. took screenshots of that problem. Asked the livesupport again. He had to talk to his manager. After 2 days they told me they are very sorry but I have to wager again. was quite pissed but ok. Startet again to wager and was successful again. now 1.2 k is in my cashbalance and the rest Is bonus money. i read the rules again and again. There is nothing about a max cashout or something. send again an email to the support. hope they will fix it this time. Otherwise ROSHTEIN has to handle that problem 😅
  4. Banana rock vs battle royal hugo 2 vs Hugo adventure golden fish tank vs troll bridge
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