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  1. I know I'm sad, but I recorded all the cards from the shoe at Table D last night and ran all the cards through to see what would happen if you played optimal with basic strategy. I've played BJ many times live and online and I never deviate from basic strategy as I believe in the maths long term. But any card player knows there is no telling how the cards will be dealt. BS simply reduces the variances whereas Split Nation massively increases it. I would also comment and say that I didn't take side bets into account as these are not decision based. The end result? Playing BS would have led to a loss of €29,250. And for SN? Well it was in profit €34,250. I won't be changing tactic but just interesting to see, as all should know, basic strategy is not the answer to everything.
  2. Being from the UK, I cannot enter this competition. Such a shame as I'm sure I'd look really good with a Rolex.
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