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  1. Have you read the criteria to apply using this form?: Yes indeed I did ! Twitch Username: Intrappola Age: 25 Current Country: France How long have you followed Roshtein? : I've been following Rosh for almost a year, it was in September 2019, the 16th ! One year anniversary incoming ! How much time are you able to dedicate to moderating?: I will dedicate as much time as needed, but I guess 4 or 5 hours a day ! What times are you typically watching the stream?: I usually watch Rosh's stream before Jay's stream so I'm watching the stream almost all the afternoon and then I follow everyone on Jay's channel when the stream begins ! I only leave if I'm too tired, when it's like 2 or 3 am. Why do you want to be a mod for DeuceAce?: I would love to contribute as well as I can to the channel, I love slots, I'm a slot player myself (not with the same bets obviously hehe) and I think it's gonna be really exciting to see how Jay will evolve and learn with time, and to be here on the chat, helping the staff, is something that I would really like to witness. I also love the fact that they're friends since their childhood and their relationship is just so funny and inspiring at the same time, it's sometimes hard to keep in touch with old friends when you're so far away. Jay is learning everyday and it's amazing to see that evolution, I'm looking forward to it ! Do you have any digital skills we might find useful?: Not currently, but I'm starting my last year of studies soon, in a communication and digital marketing school so I will learn some skills that, I hope, will be useful in a way ! Are you a moderator for any other channel?: I was a moderator for a year, with a little french streamer, but he stopped streaming because he lost the passion, and didn't have that much time to dedicate to the stream, so I'm a moderator without a streamer now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Please write a brief introduction of yourself: I've been studying foreign languages for three years at University, I've studied the specificities of two languages, english and spanish. Soon my courses at my new school will begin, I'm gonna start to learn more about communication and digital marketing, I'm really excited because I stuggled a lot to be able to find what I was really looking for, in terms of professional future. I studied marketing at University so that was my breaking point, my "click". I'm a slot player, I've been playing for almost 10 months and I really enjoy it, I'm surprised that I can be reasonable and responsible in gambling, I was affraid of it at first to be honest. Some big wins here and there to contribute to the fun so I'm glad I tried, and I'm glad I'm not broke yet ! I'm also a gamer when I have some spare time, my computer is almost my best friend, just almost (just belooooow) Accepted for review - Storyx
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