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  1. Goonies ! You played it for a short time one day. I loved this one
  2. What would you think about a Competition between Slot Themes? Like: Animal Slots vs Book Slots vs Asian Slots vs Leprachun Slots etc... Maybe collecting 5 or 10 of each and lets see what gets the 1st Place I would love to see something like that
  3. i am writing you this humbly. I am one of the few underlings who follows you every Day on your Path to find the holy Grail of Slothania. The Path is stony and onerous, lined with Brians and their tantalizing Questions and yelling Suggestions. But i will not be afraid following your pilgrimage the the promised Land in certainy that the blessed Moderators, carrying your Sword of Justice will protect me and my comrade in arms! Thank you from the Bottom of my Hearth that you are shining the way! You are a enrichment for Twitch! God Bless you on your journey to Murica Buddy A unknown Friend from Berlin Final_Bullet
  4. thanks for everything roshtein! and mods you are great too Clap
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