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  1. Holy Jesus, thats a Lot of Wilds XD COngrats
  2. What the Hell is that Max Ways after 1 Spin? Absolutely Nuts. Congrats
  3. As we learned years ago, the Amount of SPins in this Slot literally does not matter
  4. So the Bonus Buy that cost more then 5 Euro total was considered a Actual bet over 5 Euro? LUL that is ridicolous. Allways love how these Custom Shit Mails are created, especially considering they wont ever be in anyones Mind when u lose ur Money, then its all gucci. Fck that Stuff Man, sorry for the Loss
  5. Jeez talk about crazy Luck :D is that some 1 Line Stuff?
  6. Rosh is allergic to the Number 666, u better hope he doesnt see this Post :D Congrats on the WIns
  7. Thats How Things work, when you dont follow Rules Number 1 and 2 Rule 1 : Read Terms and COnditions Fully Rule 2: Are those Terms Garbage? then Get the Fk Outta there :D Way to many Sites on the Market to even stick with this Trash for 1 Minute. Now u know XD
  8. I assume u are new and just post a Collection of ur Historys, not actual Hits from the last few Days? Because all these Hits are Nasty. Congrats
  9. U got 2 golden Coins in 1 Mystery Round? U got any kinda Idea how unlikely that is? :D Congrats
  10. Let me guess, good old FullScreen Wilds came around :D
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