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  1. Upgrade the kyc verification wa successful and the pay out is in work. Thanks to Roshtein and especially to @Storyx have good weekend my friends
  2. @Storyx Hey man This is the last day of the 2nd week after I provided all documents they needed from me. I’m not loosing my patience but I’m nervous. I’m just angry about this whole bullshit. Sorry for the language. As you said I will wait 1 more week. Just wanted to remind you that neither they did the verification nor I got any cashout. I’m really hoping for your help. regards
  3. @Storyxyes I did but then they wanted passport pic, bankaccount etc. waiting a week now getting nervous about it plus they wanted a selfie with my passport. That was a bit complicated because I lost it 2 months ago. I made an agreement with the phone support of Vulkan Vegas that I can post a selfie with a copy/picture of my passport. Since then iam wating now
  4. Hi @Storyx send in my documents approx. 1 week ago. No answer yet if they accepted it. Should I wait more or could you help?
  5. Yes as soon as the money is on my bank account I’ll let you know here
  6. Thank you Very Much Storyx and specially big thanks to Roshtein, you guys restored my faith in this. Still will never play on Vulkan Vegas again but thanks thanks thanks buddies. payout is „Pending“ at the moment if I could hug you guys I would hug you. one love
  7. Okay. Sounds like I’ll never get this money.. thanks anyway
  8. Thank you very much. I really hope Roshtein can help and I could cash out all of it, i was so happy when I won it. Never ever had win like this, I always had a bad feeling about online casinos, this is so sad
  9. You 2nd) is exactly what I’m talking about plus -> 3) https://vulkanvegas.com/de/summer-bonuses here you can find the point 4 the support is referring to, which is total not understandable. I have read it only in German and the translation is obviously bullshit because If would have known that I would rather shoot a bullet in my head than depositing 1 Cent into this Scam Casino thanks for help
  10. Ok, kann sein das ich was falsch verstanden habe. Aber mein Gesunder Menschenverstand hat mir einfach gesagt, so wie es bei allen anderen Casinos ist. Das heißt ich hätte auch 100000 Euro gewinnen können und nichts davon bekommen? Was macht das denn für einen Sinn? Was ist das denn für ein scheiss? Das sollte nicht legal sein dürfen. Eure Meinung findet ihr das gut? 50€ einzahlen, 3000€ wagen und nur 75€ gewinnen? Was?.?
  11. @Roshtein The fact that you are promoting this kind of casinos is sickening my friend
  12. I did ask for the emailadress and the postadress of their legal Department, but they won’t give it to me. I’m going to give this bullshit to my lawyers. But I also count on you Roshtein, I would appreciate if you help me in this case
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