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  1. Application Form (apply as a response to this thread) Have you read the criteria to apply using this form?: Yes I did it very well, I also wrote it down into Google Translate so the beautyful voice reads it loud to me :p Twitch Username: 420AlienDabs Age:  25 Current Country: Switzerland How long have you followed Roshtein? : 13. September 2019 How much time are you able to dedicate to moderating?: all the time needed, sitting anyway 24hrs on my PC and following those streams What times are you typically watching the stream?: from Roshs endless Intro, until Jay decides to leave us chestnuts alone, from the morning till the next morning :D Why do you want to be a mod for DeuceAce?: I don't enjoy only watching streams and chatting with people, I enjoy to help out people, if they have questions, if they're new I like to lead them where they want to get informations. Of course I didn't forgett the Brians, every Brian will get a time to overthink his actions and I'll ban everyone who's playing Fortnite, just, just because I can :-P Do you have any digital skills we might find useful?: I can loose digital money same as rosh hahah no, my digitcal skills aren't the greatest. I can do stuff in Discord, Teamspeak, setting up things like this, I like to create lists and charts. I have small skills in Photo- and Videoediting, always improving them if I find time for it. Are you a moderator for any other channel?: yeah I am, but nothing special, small channels with 5-10 viewers from friends, nothing to moderate there serious. Please write a brief introduction of yourself: Sup Troops, my name's Mario. I turned activly into roshs stream a year ago, many many days passed, many many hours I spent into watching him, now I want to give him something back (Jay and Rosh are for me ONE) . I love to communicate with people, learning from people or let people learn from me, always improving life in all ways :) I use to play video games when I'm not watching the stream (if I don't get mod, rosh is just scared to loose against me in future games :p ), also I love gambling, nowdays I rarely gamble, sometime for my own fun, back in the days I used to gamble for my living seen it all, from broke to high roller bets and wins. I'm a calm person, there is like almost no way to trigger me also I don't take anything personally. Someone could say the worst things ever to me, I don't fucking care, I think thats important in a chat with so many anonymous viewers. if there are any further questions towards me, feel free to ask! have a nice evening/morning Troops <3 Accepted for review - Storyx
  2. because I am a big brian, I messed up the second Document and I don't find the EDIT button? So I have to place this new Post, this is for now the V1.0 Version, i miss Novomatic and Gamomat Slots, but Novomatic alone has 300+ , I will update it for sure în the next days. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qKx5WJiT5yr9naJAWLIdRyh0rkdWoFWaB83qMMSe4IQ/edit?usp=sharing
  3. I Updated the list under a new link, still updating and working on it to catch as much proivders and if i can all slots of them would appreciate feedback :) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1U5hp60lSR3hDBwQQOCqaq2Xvex_DJ50J_yX00nkiCKM/edit?usp=sharing
  4. Troops I had the idea, that if Jay learns the slots, he could learn it by providers. It would be more structured? Anyway, I took the time to write a few slots on a list, if you two @Roshtein and jay wanna use it, here you go :) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qP0Pv9lTbQP27mligt_TC_6LuhEHRlF2YVLpK9J82oM/edit?usp=sharing
  5. why did you cut the balance off? hard to belive then it was real money, looks like demo mode ^^
  6. you forget that the broadcaster has his own rules, if he is against to blacklist all moderators even if it's not written in the twitch TOS, they have permit do ban you. Just because there are global rules doesn't mean there are no siderules :) EDIT/ONTOPIC: i feel very good with moderators, they are doing a great job and if you follow the few rules you will not have porblems with them. I also appreciate that if you have a problem and private message a mmoderator they are answering pretty fast, it's not normal for such a big channel with that much viewers... They keep the chat KLEEN and they are handling it good when it comes to people outstanding or not following the rules. In my opinion there is no need to change anything, keep it up the great work!
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