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  1. You are continuing to make a great looking UI Storyx - keep up the good work One little adjustment - I like the new "Bet Now" blue and red banners in battles, but could you also have it alternate between "Bet Now" and "!Bet Red 10" Could you also capture what Jaielzeus is betting on so we know to bet on the other one? :-P
  2. Deposit is the money that Rosh pays into the casino (also called a bullet) this is usually 2k with a 6k bonus giving him 8k to play with He has to Wager this bonus money a certain number of times before he can Withdraw it and get it back in his bank account A wager is like a challenge to get the bonus money, it's basically the casino saying - you can have 6k but you can only keep it if you spend it 45/50 times. So the wager is shown as either a % and as a full amount (currently 33% or 100k/300k - the 300k being 6k * 50) Chat is challenging in the channel - people are really helpful - but there are a lot of them and it can get spammy at times, especially when there has been a big win (100 times the bet or more) where Rosh will tell everyone to open their "Satchel" - You get the bonus points anyway but you can show support by typing roshSatchel into chat (case sensitive) I hope this helps but you can normally find me in chat if you want to drop me an IM with any specific questions. The mods are often good to help as well but it can get busy at times.
  3. Love to come to watch the stream today and see this Looks amazing. I'm not sure if it will help but I've got one of the streamelements overlay widgets on my stream and used that to remove the !commands. Grab me on discord and I'll fire you over the link Llandrigaming
  4. The chat box should either be made bigger or the text should be made smaller - also change it to match the rest of the UI font Remove ! commands from the stream chat box as well Can you do some of Rosh's common messages in nice boxes too: Roshtein will be right back Roshtein is walking Sia Finally - with the colour palette, I would stick to orange/light grey on the dark grey background that you use on the casino/deposit/game bar and only use white in the wager bar where it has another colour background. I think this would mainly impact the FOTW box. I do feel like I'm nit-picking because the new setup looks damn sweet, you've done a great job storyx.
  5. Llandri


    Hey, I'm Llandri from the UK and I'm proud to be part of the troop. I'm between jobs at the moment and I really enjoy playing the slots, watching the slots has been great and I've started doing some short amateur streams as what I love more than playing is chatting to people while I play which you can't always do on our Master, Rosh's stream. I've been watching for around 6 months now and I do have a design in my head for a Rosh flavoured slot: It's called book of KLEEN, it is clearly a BoD clone with Rosh's logo as the top symbol, the other symbols are his amazing paint versions of the BOD symbols. After every win in the bonus there is a forced gamble to make your win KLEEN - if you win it rounds it up, if you lose it rounds it down - Win % on this gamble is set to how much it is rounding up/down. It's great to be here. Llandri https://twitch.tv/llandrixan
  6. Would love to see you play Respin Circus - It owes you at least 40 bonuses Respin Circus - Elk If you don't want to play that, Turn it up looked interesting in the mega bonus stream - seems to have some losing spin power ups going on EDIT: JaielSoft: ELK is not eligible for bonushunts he cant save it long enough
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