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  1. Call of duty modern warfare it releases Oct. 25th
  2. Where are you at Rosh? You know we miss the stream! Its been too long since We"ve heard JOE KLEEN JOE KLEEN JOE KLEEN JOE KLEEEEN. lol I haven"t opened my roshSatchel in a very long time. No disrespect to any other streamers, but nobody else on twitch can keep my attention and they are very boring. You said you would have a big surprise for us when you got back, Well come back today. Why wait until tomorrow or the next day? 2? huh?
  3. donuts plz if you dont want to play book of ra
  4. book of dead dead or live 2 rise of olympus megaways
  5. dead or alive 2 plz. i know its 4.5 euro but i can busts dog house book of dead Epic Journey plzzz
  6. Dog house donuts and dead or alive 2 pleeeaassee and good luck today i see another cashout today
  7. Donuts bod dog house those dogs need their houses random monopoly
  8. Epic journey hopefully you get to me
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