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  1. Hello Roshtein Community, I really love Roshteins Streams and enjoyed them a lot but after i saw that a few weeks @Storyx marked the iPhone 11 Questing Giveaway as canceled due to not completing the Quest I felt kind of scammed. Please correct me if Im wrong- Roshtein announced the Quests and over here on the Forum it was written "the raffle will close on 26. May" and also "completing the Quest will close the raffle early" that means that the end of the raffle is set by a date but the completing of the Quest will close it early. also its declared that 'close' means the prize will be raffled out and not canceled. The conclusion is that the iphone will be raffled out nomatter if the Quest is completed or not. Then he just stopped questing due to the massive bonus hunts and to the Topic was added "Competition extended, unspecified end date" .... But then like said Storyx added that the raffle is canceled "Cancelled, didn't complete quest." So Rosh made a deal with Pragmatic Play and sent over his troops to play this game with real money and generating profit for Pragmatic but then cancel out the competition for absolutely no valid reason? I dont wanna be mean or something and i still love rosh but this is scam... Do you get my point? I cannot enjoy his streams with thing in my mind. So please guys say what i got wrong... Hope you guys have a great day ;) Marlon
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