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  1. i def know Volbeat (both band & pokemon LUL) i actually saw Volbeat open for Metallica live, amazing concert, worth the $200
  2. I love SOAD, even though it's hard to pick a fave song from them. Probably between Aerials and Toxicity.
  3. How about me vs roshi battle? Rules: 5 or 6 slot picks each, and basically recycle the same rules for mod battles or rosh vs mods/viewers when it comes to points and a sudden death round 2. If rosh loses, then he has to spend at least 1 hour watching metal/rock music videos of my choosing (he can do this at the end of the stream or during a Just Chatting/Q&A stream. I'll let rosh pick the reward for if he beats me. \m/
  4. Greetings my lurking metalheads of the Roshtein army :D MM here, and decided to start up a topic for all you guys to send me over some band requests/songs/remixes/covers. Let me know of new albums/singles dropping as well. First thing's first: check out my spotify playlist to see what bands and songs I already know: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3zLhq1Ble4oeYx7gaeXUzm?si=h2wKS27dSzadthb4RPWv6Q Name of the playlist is "MetalMaria's Mania" if you can use the link for some reason. Second: Don't whine about what bands/songs I like or others' like. Everyone has a different taste in music. My rock/metal taste is more in the thrash metal/post grunge/alternative/classic rock areas. We're all here to just chill and rock out. Other stuff: My top 25 fave bands (by song count): 1. Breaking Benjamin (44) 2. Papa Roach (43) 3. Shinedown (42) 4. Evanescence (41) 5. Sevendust (39) 6. Judas Priest (36) 7. Linkin Park (34) 8 (3x Tie): Halestorm (33), Disturbed (33), Three Days Grace (33) 11. Queen (30) 12. Skillet (27) 13. Metallica (26) 14. Five Finger Death Punch (25) 15. Within Temptation (23) 16. RED (22) 17 (2x Tie): Icon for Hire (20), Seether (20) 19 (4x Tie): In This Moment (19), Muse (19), AC/DC (19), Bullet for my Valentine (19) 23 (3x Tie): Avenged Sevenfold (17), Dream Theater (17), Soundgarden (17) Personal fave band: Breaking Benjamin, Greatest Band of All Time: Queen (my opinions) I've been to 20+ rock/metal concerts since 2009. I've seen bands like Breaking Benjamin, Halestorm, Bullet for my Valentine, Papa Roach, Nothing More, Sevendust, Five Finger Death Punch etc. Any bands I can't stand? 2 bands: Sleeping with Sirens and Pierce the Veil (just NO to both) Best indie bands to listen to at the moment? Icon for Hire, Citizen Soldier, Civil Twilight, New Year's Day, Royal Blood, Temperance Movement, Monster Truck, Aranda, Pop Evil, Young Guns My favorite song? "My Immortal" by Evanescence Heaviest song I listen to? Hmmm.....I guess "Ghost Walking" by Lamb of God, that or "Blood" or "Adrenalize" from In This Moment Remember to be respectful <3
  5. lidl mod reporting for duty, here's my so-far drafts of my 2 playlists for roshi (both spotify): Intense: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6rIe16s2nFHluhleuxe0qk?si=7xShScoHQfKOonvcOKzIPA Chill: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2DoloyYdDC42m2cID8UYsz?si=RL3luUV1Rz6uyukpevGQTQ
  6. I always like to share my rock/metal list whenever I have the chance, there's music from classic to underground rock/metal/alternative (maybe 1950s-now) over 120+ hours of listening \m/ https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3zLhq1Ble4oeYx7gaeXUzm?si=Fmpx3fXLS_GBSYjQnSbHnQ
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