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  1. I played it 3 spins. Got bonus first spin! :D But i personally don't like those Moon P -ish games. Same with this one: Not my preferred game. But i can understand that people can really like this new one!
  2. Wow! Lucky :D Congrats on the nice wins!
  3. Woohoo! Congrats man!! You're saying that it's a 50 cent bet; Is 50 micro bitcoin the same as 50 (dollar)cent?
  4. Gz on the win! What was the total amount brother? :D
  5. When you don't write (indirect) requests, even if Rosh askes for it, you won't get yoinked Simple as that lol
  6. I'm also bonusbanned on an online casino. I get weekly mails with 25-50% bonus offers, as i am "a respected member" of their casino. At the end of the mail they put this: Please note: Because you received a deposit bonus on the most of your latest deposits, the deposit bonus(es) mentioned above will not yet be available for your account. Please keep an eye on our website to see what bonuses are available.
  7. This is hilarious! Hahaha You guys should post humorous logs more often :-)
  8. No, you shouldn't man! Clearly you have a problem, i;m just saying that to make a good point, come with clear 'evidence'
  9. Yeah this is from Stakelogic. They also have Book of Adventure. Looks like a reskin of this lol. I personally like Book of Anubis from Stakelogic!
  10. This is just the copy paste of the topic you made earlier. The one where is said make your point in this topic lol. What is this: "Channel Item Access code Redemption date ROSHTEIN $5 Merch Discount [redacted] Jul 15, 2019" ? From an e-mail? Screenshot? I'm trying to help perzapp :) I think you would make a better point if you show evidence more clear.
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