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  1. That would be epic! I'm one of those goofs that collect snapbacks and a Rosh snap would definitely fit the collection!
  2. I played it 3 spins. Got bonus first spin! :D But i personally don't like those Moon P -ish games. Same with this one: Not my preferred game. But i can understand that people can really like this new one!
  3. Perhaps there could be some script that gathers info from 2 tabs? 1 tab for wager, 1 tab for balance. let those tabs refresh every so often in background and voila
  4. Wow! Lucky :D Congrats on the nice wins!
  5. Y'all better find one that can handle the 10K requests
  6. Heya Mister Fist! Welcome! I like cooking too! Tell me some recipes man
  7. Woohoo! Congrats man!! You're saying that it's a 50 cent bet; Is 50 micro bitcoin the same as 50 (dollar)cent?
  8. That would be cool yeah! Action VS Fantasy as an example..
  9. JJSpeelt

    Spent time!

    Is there a way to PM a bot mod those commands? That way it won;t clutter the chat, but yo ucan still requests stats like followage etc.
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