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  1. Raging Rex by Play'n GO
  2. Finding the right person to help you in life is so important. Glad your story has moved into a better chapter but you are not alone my friend. Great read
  3. Hey been watching you from a far on clips through You Tube for couple years but finally watching twitch daily and catching you live a ton. Love your energy. Nothing better than during my summer vacation as a special education teacher than to catch someone playing slots (love gambling) and bringing me joy and laughs. You are a legend and your transitions are amazing. Real name is Jason Spangler. 33 years old. Special education teacher with mod/sev. students from 2nd -8th grade at Fortuna Elementary in Fortuna, California. Lived in Humboldt County my whole life. Enough about me, back to the show! Love ya Rosh
  4. I would sub out of pure dedication to his slot channel but would watch him play/do anything. Be nice for him to make some cash entertaining all of us. He is a legend. The GOAT. "I DECIDE"..... @Roshtein #Dr_SolveIT
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