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  1. Agar.io live on stream, "The Mighty Explorer" as name. Rosh taking them all down, becoming the biggest ball in game.
  2. if there is one person I'd ever subscribe to, then its Rosh. I never subbed to anyone, rarely use chat. I think Rosh would have tons of subscribers.
  3. I think both are good, but have to say new one looks better. Looks really nice. Nice compact wager bar in the middle. More room down there, more focus on our master Rosh + the game, than the large wager thing. You could say that the large wager bar is good, but rather want to focus on the game and Ros - also down there Rosh could add multiple games while doing a big bonus hunt or something, nicely together, next to each other + we can still see the wager up there when we want to know the progress.
  4. Something strange happened. I tuned in, noticed nice 39K stack... then Sorry. Unless you’ve got a time machine, that content is unavailable.
  5. Pimped! Moon princess Reactoonz .... B.o.D
  6. I like playing poker, but only holdem tournaments, turbo and games with at least 1K players. Enjoy knockout games too. Micro to low buyins.
  7. I like Unibet. Great selection of slot games, good unique poker client. Love to play some poker tournaments every now and then. Pokerstars - Lots and lots of poker tournaments. Have the necessary player numbers to make things interesting.
  8. About 600, watched the stream for a long time without ever logging in, should have thought about that ha.
  9. I have played on Ninja casino, you don't need an account. You login there using local bank info. They don't ask for any information and cashouts come in about 5 minutes back the same way. Log in with trustly SEB/Swedbank (+some others), I don't live in Sweden though, but Ninjacasino has a license in my country. Recently Tonybet started the same system. Trustly 5 minute cashouts.
  10. Why not both ! Both are very good ideas!
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