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  1. He still has the referall number so i can ask the post office?
  2. Hello, my name's Cristian, i'm 21 y.o. (22 on 30 june) and i'm from Romania. I'm part of Roshtein's stream for about a year and only a few days on this forum and i hope i will stick around for a long time here with you guys. ✌ Roshtein please never stop to entertain, you are very good at it . Peace
  3. Here we go, My name is Cristian, i'm alomst 22 years old and i'm from Romania. My gambling story starts about 8 yaers ago when i saw my older brother doing some matches research for his sport betting ticket, i was curious and asked him if he can do one bet for me (i didn't had the legal age to bet myself), i picked some football matches, placed a small bet and..i won..my first ticket..my first win (not a big win of course, but enough to atract me and make me want more) , so i continued with sport betting, lottery tickets, asking my brother and my older friends to bet for me..betting the money that my partents gave me for school or for going out and i didn't saw the negative effect to me...until...i turned 18. There s a new chapter in my life, ironically i got my first job as a cashier for a gambling and betting company. There i discovered slots. At first, i wasn't atracted to that kind of gambling, i was still into sports and lottery..untill one day when my friends asked me to go out, we had fun, until we got drunk and one of them had the brilliant idea to go into a casino. What do you think that happend there? Of course, i played slots for my first time in my life, verry small bets, nothing fancy, some good old sizzling hot , after about 20 minutes of playing i won a jackpot of 2300 RON (about 500 euros) . I was amazed, for me at that time 500 euros was biig money, and that's how the "fun" part begins. I'll try to keep it short now, because i think you probablly heard this story from a lot of people..so..from 2015 ( when i turned 18 ) to 2018 my life was nothing else but slots...all my money that i earned from my job..the money that my parents gave me, the money i took from people and told them i will give them back, ALL GONE IN CASINO SLOTS. No material or emotional gain for me in that period...i was depressed all the time and poor. I played food money, clothes money, car money and nobody from my familly knew that. In september 2018 , i won the biggest jackpot in my life.. i met a girl who later became my girlfriend, who helped me quit gambling and see things that really matter in this life. Now i'm not doing slots or casino related games anymore, only sports betting with a small budget that doesn't affect me or my girlfriend at all. My advice for you if you're addicted to gambling is to quit soon as possible..or just set yourself a budget that doesn't affect you if you're losing it and stick to it. Gambling in essence should be just for fun , not a way of life, not a job, and not a way to "win" money, only losing, and not just cash but also you're mental and phisic health and everything that's beaitifull outside this gambling hell. If you've made it this far, if you've read the lines i've wrote i hope i didn't bored you.. I wish you all an amazing day.✌
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