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  1. This how the wheel run when the break is broken some mod please send this video to rosh , we got scam !
  2. Can anyone help me find the song please. I'm finding the roshtein opening song that have Avicii - Waiting For Love remix in that track and a lot of beautiful remix song. after rosh have to avoid DMCA , he didn't open that song in his opening anymore. Please help !
  3. I want to show rosh the best setup ever But the end of video break the post rule (dont contain twitch channel ) I dont mean promoting my channel , just want you to see me in the chat xD My microphone is not working , Bonus happen suddenly no time to fix !. Then I open obs to record and put phone camera can into obs Hope some mod show this to rosh , he must see this one ! This is my video
  4. I dont even know you have working with CQ slots xD Just kidding , Its really look like you today
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