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    YOUR NAMES! I WANT THOSE NAMES ON MY DESK MONDAY MORNING NOW! Yes, just your Twitch username, to be eligible to win. Also follow the instructions on the Giveaway page. Read more about the Giveaway here: https://www.roshtein.com/giveaway Apple Product winners 1.market_wizard97 2. SkeezZy 3. Kirkuyshi 4. Prolezito 5. askhenrique2 6. HDTaboo 7. p00rtgasdace 8. Slverbackk 9. foxi003 10. lazytitanr 11. konrados551 12. Superteddy82 13. keoatome 14. Try_Harder_ 15. giuli420 Points winners jhoneld iamjcbjcb SvingerOle Cellbaa gbeny07 Kriscross17 Limbabwaan kiedysschudneee icetea_love Bledin FIFAHSVeSports kiiozz Fackyadude LizKayTV melendhor_ furkannkp sc712 cranckk rvejs blackcatpro10 HolyUater RichiiiTV Gingerich clairesej cuorleone8 unadanger hexn85 JustGoneHaywire Adi7877 AMIGOFLAME 482daniel ZeDasCouves2 sfuris GoodThunder chrillerbby
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    So this is nothing against Rosh cause I love him (normal brian way) So I will like to call myself an OG after watching Rosh for about 3 years, even made my twitch account to follow him two years ago ish. This is just my opinions and would like to write it down to other that like watching Rosh. - I feel the stream is going in the wrong direction, starting with a bonus opening. Before we could allways watch the hunts, and that was one of the most fun thing for me. I know hes doing this to save time when he do other things. But why not let us see the hunt even tho hes not talking? He leave us for an hour to eat anyway letting us watch crazytime or something else. - Bonus buys all day long: Buying bonuses might be nice for boosting and is more simple, but it takes away all the fun with the normal bonuses. Its not the same anymore. The drift for completing the wager is allmost gone as well... Playing with raw cash is just not the same, might be to save money, but with his cashouts this year he is so much money in plus. He used to say he put his money back in the stream, but not anymore. - Provider hunts, Mod battles, Premium hunts is all gone. Same with coming on early and grind all day to make a cashout. - Daily Backseat hunt: Its fun, but let us be with u on the hunt. And lets raise the bar to 100$ bets if we can afford it and its safe ofc. - Friends streams: I like the battles, and i like Jay and Andrew. But its not the same as Rosh. It takes time to add people to ur heart. Its just to much noise and distractions than before. Transfering points is just a joke as well... Takes the fun of pointfarming to another level and u cant see if ur a top viewer anymore. This are just my opinions, and im only talking for myself. I love watching Rosh anyway, but sometimes its nice to talk about it with other viewers. Much love - Heloee
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    The break even is calculated as the average of every single break even x of the unopened bonuses. The basis is the total break even amount divided by the amount of unopened slots to determine the break even amount each slots has to get and the x to get there is calculated for every unopened slot with respect to the betsize. I think that what you suggest can be called the ordinary break-even-x and what we do is the weigthed break-even-x because it takes the different betsizes of each slot into account instead of jsut going with the average betsize. In the beginning we had both numbers on the list even but dropped the ordinary one off because the weigthed makes more sense to me. tl;dr: Imagine there is a break-even-x in the list for every slot behind the "Multi" column, we add them togetehr and divide that sum by the amount of still unopened slots to get to the overall break-even-x. -> Just like we do to get the average multiplier in the end
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    "To celebrate 5 years on Twitch, I am doing a giveaway with lots of surprises on the 20'th February. This Giveaway has 10 winners with some awesome prizes. I can't wait to see you all to celebrate this magical evening!" - Roshtein Read more about the Giveaway here: https://www.roshtein.com/giveaway
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    There, I declined you. Try a different approach with your attitude next time, please and thank you! For future reference to anyone reading this, this is not how you ask for an unban. It's also not any moderators job to read your unban application. If you get banned by accident you are welcome to whisper any mod and politely ask for them to review it.
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    On this way i just wanna inform that the Merchandise Package that ive won arrived today in good COndition and with the Handwriting of the Legendary Commander. To bad its most likely not a Unique Version :D Thanks for the Competition and the Prices, Roshtein. I Really like the Gift Package. ALL HAIL THEE COMMANDER
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    Brian doesn’t say thanks! Wutface
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