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  2. I m pretty sure I asked them in a previous chat about being able to do bonus hunts and they said yes, I wish I could see the chat history.
  3. Sorry to hear about your loss, but as was mentioned in the stream chat already, one should always ask the support for a permission to do a bonus hunt when playing with a deposit bonus, as not nearly all sites allow it. This is stressed during pretty much every bonus hunt on the stream as well. And "Rosh does it too" really isn't a very valid argument here, as for example his bonus terms with the sites allow him to play on 50 € bets while us mortals are usually limited to 5 € per spin. That's also something he has mentioned during the streams - he gets to negotiate better terms and conditions to his play because he deposits and plays a lot, and as an affiliate brings a lot of traffic to the sites. So please, please do not automatically assume you are allowed to do everything he does.
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  5. i and stan would and make it a 24/7 program..roshtein & sons...we would also play good gambler -angel bad gambler-stan
  6. Yes and how do you even manage to format your post like that?
  7. Mahjong please good luck thanks for streaming
  8. Hi, (sorry if in the wrong section but I want to warn pplz) so i claimed the 200% bonus, I did a bonus hunt on n1 casino, i had about 10 bonuses, i was still in the wagering process at 74% now all of a sudden whilst doing my freespins it didnt add any more money and my bonus was gone. I wrote the support and they stated that i am not allowed to delay any bonuses and therefore I lost everything. "It's forbidden to postpone any playing rounds, including free spins and bonus rounds, for the time when you no longer need to play the bonus through and/or make new deposit(s). Players doing so agree to have their bonus and associated winnings declared void." It clearly states though that I cannot save any bonuses until after wagering is complete it doesn't say anything about not being allowed to save bonuses whilst in the wagering process. I mean Roshstein does this as well, so i don't understand at all how i breached the t&c, I had a long chat with support, which wasnt helpful at all just refering to the t&c. This certainly will be the last time I ve played on this casino.
  9. some endorphina slots like in jazz or the vikings
  10. Sticky Bandits by Quickspin ( Normal one, not wild return ) :)
  11. send a reply to the email with the winning message?
  12. Request slots here in this thread and Roshtein will go through them one by one. Starting casino is N1. Choose your slots accordingly and note that if the slot is not available on this casino your request is useless. (Any slot request in chat will get timed out to prevent spam)
  13. Update: Prizes are being sent out tomorrow. If you want a tracking number you need to send an email requesting one, but don't do it until tomorrow after they've been sent.
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  16. Sorry no Video ... I a veteran player (about 20 Years) but not a streamer and I did not expect such a win. I did not know it es even possible on that slot.
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